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Are you working toward creating a more positive world for yourself and others? Are you helping others to discover their spiritual gifts and healing capabilities? Thrive Meditation is looking for you!

Chances are, you'd like to attract some extra financial compensation while helping other people take steps up on their spiritual journey. This is your opportunity to do that from a clairvoyant perspective. How does it work? It's pretty simple.

Currently, I have two books published. The Grounding Book and Creative Clairvoyant Meditations. The first book is very approachable for almost all people; the second is for an audience who has been meditating for years.

Thrive Meditation is looking for content leaders, with amazing energy, to help spread these books and their underlying ideas. In return, you receive 50% percent of the E-Book sales from customers you refer.

As a business owner, it is important to look at the vibration upon which you create financial success, because that becomes your karma...

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