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My philosophy

My vision is to have my meditation tools in future lifetimes, and to know what they are from the perspective of the sixth chakra. This is the karma I want to create for myself, my readers, and the people that help me distribute my books. Most people are not thinking ahead to future lifetimes. So this opportunity is yours too. Fundamentally, the more grounded your clients are, the easier your job is as a healer, coach, or intuitive.

I want you to succeed and to do so from a vibration of fun, excitement, and general tubularness. Seriousness is a very heavy and slow vibration and does not attract financial success with the kind of karma we want to create; this is your opportunity to say hello to creating from a space of ease, amusement, and neutrality.

How does it work and what do you get?

All the traffic from your site(s) will be assigned a unique cookie when your users arrive at one of my book destinations, (either "" or ""); this way, when they decide to purchase, our software knows it was your visitor. You will receive a unique code for each site and clear and simple directions on how to use this code in your links for traffic that may not originate from your website (newsletters, emails, IM, postcards, etc.).

The underlying affiliate system is based on PayPal's Adaptive Payments API.

Your percentage of sales is strictly limited to E-Book sales. All paperback sales, through Amazon, and Lulu are currently un-trackable. Many customers are buying E-Books nowadays. E-Books are cheaper, more immediate, and easier to access. All payments are immediate. When a customer makes a purchase you receive your share right then, to your PayPal account – no waiting. You will receive basic stats and information about how your links are performing.

Track sales, clickthrough hits, and custom campaigns.

As a participant, your websites will be featured, when deemed appropriate, in newsletters, on, as well as, where deemed appropriate, on the news, friends, or footer sections of any of our nine select Internet properties, used to drive traffic to Thrive Meditation. Because we do not want Google categorizing us as a link farm, these featured links will be distributed strategically for optimal results.

Anything else?

As with most things in life, your success is up to you. In the future, however, we would like to offer a Clairvoyant Marketing program with workshops, one-on-one healings, and more. But we need the support of participants in order to develop that material and get there.

You can choose to leave the Arboretum at any time. Thrive Meditation also reserves the right to cancel your account with a one month's notice. We hope that won't happen and that you will stay amused, excited, and appreciative. We are less concerned with the number of people you refer and more with the vibration that they come in on.

Okay, so what's the fine print?

Cookies are stored for referrals for 1 year; in other words, visitors you refer have up to one year to make a purchase that counts toward your profit. After 1 year, the cookie expires, and the next 1 year cookie to be assigned to that user will depend upon with whichever organization subsequently refers them.

87% of trackable E-Book sales from Thrive Meditation come from serious customers who buy within 0 - 1 days of their first interaction with the site, so a 1 year cookie expiration is equitable and maintains an incentive for you to keep your referrals in present time; Thrive Meditation cannot control visitors' cache clearing habits and does not guarantee cookie or IP based tracking perfection. Cookies for users are assigned/associated with users on a first-come first-serve priority basis.

We do the best that we can and think that our underlying code is pretty solid. IP addresses are also associated with referrals for the past two days, in case a user clears their cookies; this serves as a backup, as their IP will still be associated with your code, and you will receive the credit for that sale.

You must have PayPal to join; currently, payments to multiple accounts are not supported, although they may be in the future; please let us know if that is a requirement for you. PayPal fees for each customer transaction are divided evenly, between you and Thrive Meditation. Profit percentage is unique to each participant; be bold, tell us what you want, and feel free to contact us for more information.

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