Clairvoyant Marketing

How do you see it?

I invite you to take a new and different look at the way you might normally do some of your business marketing; things like sending out newsletters, posting to Facebook, linking to your sites, etc. When you communicate with others, especially electronically, it is important to say hello to the underlying energy that you are communicating with.

I always create a grounding cord for the post, review, postcard, or communication I am creating; I visualize grounding it to the center of the earth. Next, I bring that post, review, postcard, etc., up to a beautiful bright gold color. I just imagine that gold flooding through that piece of information down into the grounding cord and into the center of the earth. I let that communication vibrate at gold. You don't have to do it perfectly, just have fun.

This is called setting energy, and it is an important part of clairvoyant marketing.


Unfortunately, the half-life of a Facebook post is quite short, as seen on the chart to the left. After an hour and 20 minutes, 50% of people will no longer see, or care, about a single post. Facebook and friends are conditioning users to have about an 8 second attention span these days.

Facebook can be seen as one gigantic meta-machine programming platform. Much of the material on it consists of feel good messages designed to program people unconsciously with surface level messages. Oftentimes business messaging can seem to users to be too serious and does not fit the mold of "controversially viral." But what impact it can have is still important. This is another reason that setting energy is so important.

Interestingly, I have found, personally, for my own business that nearly every single person who only adds me on Facebook does so as a surrogate action for interest or purchasing one of my products, or services. Sadly, you have to now pay to reach more than 5% - 10% of your friends. But the cool thing is that you can reach thousands of people for $10 or $15.

So you might want to look at it clairvoyantly and see: what is working? What isn't working? Where is the energy set for your business presence on Facebook? Is it worth it to spend $20 to get some clicks to a new website you are promoting so Google can see the traffic spike (assuming you have Google analytics) and actually index your site as relevant? I have found that it is more effective to focus on newsletters, but, even then, 74% of my own sales are from people who are not on my newsletter at all!

That astonishing fact told me that a lot of the things I heard Internet marketers saying people "should" be doing was really off base. I realized that there was a lot more going on than meets the eye...

Clairvoyant Maintenance

If you are a business owner, a therapist, healer, or anyone who has a website that sells products or services, then you definitely want to be grounding, and working the energy of your website regularly – at least once a month. Visitors will come to your site and throw their energy at it – their judgments, opinions, intimations, fears, etc. It is important to regularly clear that stuff off and set your website to the vibration you see working for you. How do you want people to feel when they see your site? The images and colors you choose will also largely influence how the energy is set.

Are you sitting down regularly, in meditation, and working the energy around your goal space for your business? Are you giving your business regular healings?

Clairvoyant Preparatory Work

Posting on social networks and sending out newsletters is great – you definitely have to have an online presence. But I've found that the most consistent way for me to bring in new clients is to simply go out into the forest and meditate, and work the energy to bring that person in. I end some karma with them, say hello to my matching pictures, and look at what answers they have for me, etc.

Another thing you can do is to sit down and connect with the Divine Source and have it create a few hundred, or thousand, gold roses for you. Send out those roses as hellos to the people and communities around you. Let those roses go to people whose spirits want to work with you.

Tools for Financial Success

Eventually, the Arboretum will be a space that offers you access to select clairvoyant marketing information, audio meditations, Skype workshops, one-on-one healings, and more. That's a bit far ahead in the future though; we will need the support and active interest of participants to get there. Don't worry though, we can refer you to our existing partners who teach the basics of how to do just that.

When was the last time you said hello to your financial spirit guides? When was the last time you grounded your bank account? What is the vibration you would like to receive money from? Have you worked on releasing your past life limits around money? What is the biggest energy in your bodyspace that prevents you from attracting money? How is transmedium energy influencing your financial pictures?

Are you ready to begin using clairvoyant tools in your business space? Contact us today.

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